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A personal calendar

The way we organize our year is a reflection of our values—that is a commonly observed truism. My family and I share many of the usual holidays with the wider American culture. We also decline to observe a few of them for various reasons. In some cases, we weight the days differently than usual, or attach differing significance.

The seasonal change we’re experiencing here in Indiana has me thinking about all of this. Because I am an enormous nerd, I thought it would be fun to make my own personal calendar, complete with explanatory margin notes. (If you’re on a mobile browser, these should appear as expandable + signs). (Also, thanks to Pete Moore for the Tufte theme that allows for this.) I used the ranking of days associated with liturgical calendars with one exception; namely, I have used “commemorations” instead of “memorials” since not everyone whose birthday is marked is dead. I have also omitted my family’s birthdays and anniversaries since this is a semi-public site.

I’d love to see your own version of a personal calendar.

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