This is so good.

“Welcome to the future. Sabotage it.”

Despite an unusually warm February, there doesn’t seem to be any early wildflowers in the woods so far. Mostly wild garlic and garlic mustard.

Ted Goia has a good follow-up post on his dopamine culture piece. In the follow-up, he focuses on ritual as one of the resistances to dopamine culture.

Two more things from the show last night:

  1. They opened with “The World Can Wait.” Linford said the song was about JOMO: the joy of missing out.
  2. They played some new, unrecorded music. Folks, when you get your ears on “Bella Luna,” you’re going to love it.

The Over the Rhine show last night was…well, they seem to get better with each passing year. The music that just seems to flow out of them is unmatched in my experience. It feels effortless. Their live shows are always deeply moving experiences for me.

Hanging out at the record store before the Over the Rhine show. I’m thankful to have such a great place nearby.

I have a very special sweetgum tree in my yard. I’ll tell you the story sometime. But it does require a lot of raking: we fill a few of these barrels with their spiky seed pods every year.

Finished reading A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers. The best thing about this book was the way Chambers imaginatively de-centered humans. Apart from that, I can’t say it ever quite gripped me. I’m interested enough to read the next book though.

Speaking of zines, here’s a good post from Jay Springett on the subject.

First pro bike race of the spring Cobbled Classics, Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, in 48 hours! I will be continuing my completely cheesy tradition of marking the occasion with waffles and Belgian beer. (Yes, at 8am. It makes for a interesting morning.)