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The Mavericks 1994 album “What a Crying Shame” mostly reminds me of Dwight Yoakam, which is probably why I love it so much. Dwight Yoakam will always be my favorite country singer. But the Mavericks are more than that–proof of which can be heard in their wonderful 2020 album “En Español”. 🎵

So here I was listening to Sleep’s “Holy Mountain” while compiling a statement of cash flows when I decided to learn more about the band. One of the original members left? To become an Orthodox monk? And started what is surely the most metal zine ever created by Christians, let alone monks? Wow…

I love vinyl records too, but you know what’s cheap and plentiful for the person who wants to own their music? CDs. My local record store had a huge selection but half price books and thrift stores have just as many with even lower prices. And CD players are cheaper than record players right now.

Now spinning: Beach Boys compilation “Endless Summer.” Not my usual music but it caught the attention of my teenage daughter. I came into the room and found her taking a video of it playing.

Beach Boys album cover