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Three songs so miserably sad it’s hard to listen to them more than once:

  • Keith Whitley, “Don’t close your eyes”
  • George Jones, “He stopped loving her today”
  • Jason Isbell, “If we were vampires”

Others that fit the description?

Last night’s concert, the good and the bad

Last night we went to Red Bicycle Hall in Madison to see John Moreland. Not the best experience. The sound mix for John Moreland never seemed right: too loud, even roaring sometimes. Unpleasant listening. And I suspect it actually was the mix because Moreland’s music is usually pretty chill. Also, several people were acting like idiots, talking loudly, moving around. Even the staff was being distracting! It felt more like “a bar that happened to have live music” than an actual concert.

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Speaking of Green Lung, I’m too much of a boring middle-aged CPA dad sort of human to have what the kids call an aesthetic. If I did, though, it would be “PNW hiker watching folk horror and listening to 70s psychedelic rock.”

Now spinning — though with headphones since my wife and daughter don’t exactly like psychedelic, occult, doom (what do I call them?) rock. Also, cool liner notes.

I picked up The Zombies on picture disc for Record Store Day. Meanwhile, at home, a squirrel is monitoring Rachel’s activities outside.