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The Dig (streaming on Netflix) is a beautiful movie contemplating death and the past. Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan are excellent. The romantic subplot between some secondary characters didn’t feel strictly necessary but that’s my only criticism. It’s loosely (according to Wikipedia based on the excavation at Sutton Hoo - which is fascinating in its own right.

The HBO Max documentary “Beanie Mania” is worth watching. Beanie Babies seem to be one of those things that hit at exactly the right time. Also a good example of mass psychology and the “greater fool” theory of investing.

Several days ago I watched Bright Star, Jane Campion’s film about the final period of John Keats' life. While I enjoyed it, I didn’t expect it to hang around in my mind for very long. But it did. I even bought a copy of the complete Keats in order to get more familiar with his work. I also found a list of the best biopics about poets, none of which I’ve seen (apart from Bright Star). I’m most interested in the film about Oscar Wilde, since I like both Wilde and Stephen Fry. Anyone want to recommend a biopic about a poet, whether on this list or not? 📚

I love documentaries about extreme sports - probably because I am so unlike the people who do such things! This one, though, was extraordinary, my favorite of its kind. Streaming on Netflix.