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I mentioned over the weekend that a tree frog has been hanging out at our pond, calling late into the night. (Click that link for audio.) He’s at it again this morning. It’s a wonderful sound, one of those I would describe as homey. Other examples: chicken chatter, the chorus of crickets and katydids on summer nights.

I suspect our frog is a Cope’s Gray tree frog, both because of the sound of its call and because our DNR says it’s more likely here in southern Indiana.

I don’t recall hearing tree frogs here in our neighborhood until we put in our wildlife pond two years ago. I may be misremembering. Maybe it’s that I’m paying more attention, now that we’re more engaged with trans-species collaboration and increasing relatedness on this small, city lot. I hope that we are creating an increasingly diverse and thriving niche. Even if we’re not changing the world, or even our city block, we’re (to link to myself one last time) changing the world inside our heads–and that’s not nothing.

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