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Graham Harvey:

Animists are people who recognise that the world is full of persons, only some of whom are human, and that life is always lived in relationship to others.

Dana Driscoll:

Animism is a belief in the spirit of all things. Animistic views recognize that rivers, stones, trees, animals, human-created objects, and people all have spirits and that those spirits can be worked with, learned from, and honored in various ways.

Amitav Ghosh, Nutmeg’s Curse as quoted in this interview:

This is the great burden that now rests upon writers, artists, filmmakers, and everyone else who is involved in the telling of stories: to us falls the task of imaginatively restoring agency and voice to nonhumans. As with all the most important artistic endeavors in human history, this is a task that is at once aesthetic and political—and because of the magnitude of the crisis that besets the planet, it is now freighted with the most pressing moral urgency.

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