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God is Ultimate Concern

A reference post, to define what I mean by God. As to the ontological status of God, I’m undecided – or perhaps more precisely, indifferent.

Paul Tillich, The Essential Tillich:

God is the answer to the question implied in man’s finitude; he is the name for that which concerns man ultimately. This does not mean that first there is a being called God and then the demand that man should be concerned about him. It means that whatever concerns a man ultimately becomes god for him, and, conversely, it means that a man can be concerned ultimately only about that which is god for him.

John Caputo, as quoted by Sallie McFague in Blessed are the Consumers:

The name of God is the name of what we desire, of everything that we desire, but it is also the name of what desires us, of what desires everything of us. … We are called by God, which is our vocation, even as we call upon God, which is our invocation. We subsist in the space between these calls.

Mary-Jane Rubenstein, at 8:30 in this video:

The word “God” has traditionally encoded our deepest values.

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