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We built a pond!

Green Man’s Grotto has been extended and now includes a small pond (4’ diameter, 2’ deep with a shelf at 1’ deep). We’ve added water lillies, water lettuce, cattails, and blue flag iris within the pond. Around it we’ve planted creeping jenny, sneezeweed, and yarrow. The stone is limestone which we gathered from the area. (We live in the limestone capital of the world, you know.) The pebbles are landscaping rock taken from another part of our yard, which we have future plans for. The waterfall is an old butter churn that came with the house and has been sitting in front of a door for a couple of decades.

We also brought home a few bullfrog tadpoles, who now reside in the pond. Last night we heard at least one frog. We were amazed that someone had found the pond already!

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