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Following on from the “husbands in cars” memory: Rachel made a good point that our services were very demanding. If the “unsaved” husband actually went inside the building he could very easily have been targeted by the preacher. Maybe even named and called out. (It happened many times.) Ours was also a very emotional religion: men of that generation were commonly uncomfortable with such outward emotion, even if they inwardly believed.

We had a point midway in the service (I don’t know how commonly this was done in other churches) where the pastor, or someone called up by the pastor, would open the floor for prayer requests. They could be spoken out by anyone in the congregation and then we would kneel (by which I mean knees on the floor, elbows on the pews—not any of those fancy kneelers the “formal” churches had) and pray for a few minutes. Many of those women would—every service, and for years on end—request prayer for their “lost husbands” or, even more commonly, “lost children.”

A phenomenon I associate with country churches in my childhood: an irreligious husband waiting in the car while the devout wife is in church—either because she didn’t drive (this was fairly common in rural areas) or because the husband didn’t want her driving in the dark. Anyone else remember this?

It’s been a rough week here with the sudden decline of our fifteen year old dog Murphy. Last weekend he seemed to be not quite right. He laid down on the floor on Saturday afternoon and never stood up again. His front legs seemed to have stopped working. We took him into the vet on Monday morning and she said it was likely a neurological problem. If it’s temporary inflammation, he should be better in a few days. If he’s not better, then it’s likely permanent.

So we’ve been nursing him this week, waiting to see what will happen. He’s confused about why he has to potty into a diaper. He’s a good boy and he knows he isn’t supposed to potty in the house. He’s struggled to get up a couple of times but it’s just not working. It’s hard seeing him like this. Frankly, he doesn’t seem to be improving and it seems likely he will leave us on Monday. He’s been with us almost as long as Darcy has.

It’s Candlemas!

I reserve the right to celebrate holidays in my own way, and today is no exception. Candlemas appears to be another of those holidays that is a mix of traditions. (In my mind, there’s no need for this to be a controversial statement. Blending and adapting traditions is just what humans do. To be clear, this is different from the colonial impulse, which is about force and monocultures.) In the Christian tradition, Candlemas is a remembrance of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple as well as the ritual purification of the Virgin Mary.

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Happy winter solstice! I went into the woods yesterday intending to cut a larger Yule log from a downed tree but working with a hand saw lowers your expectations. 😂

Halloween 2022

It’s been a busy week—new staff member at work to train which requires time in the office—so I haven’t had a chance to post much this week. Here is a belated picture and video from our house on Halloween. Our neighborhood feels like an 80s movie on Halloween night. Literally hundreds of kids come through for three hours. Decorations everywhere. People (like me below) in front of their porches handing out candy.

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My daughter Darcy has declared this Spooky Saturday. She says this involves Starbucks for breakfast, putting up more Halloween decorations, carving the pumpkin, a campfire, and more of the Spooked podcast. They’re still asleep at the moment so I’m watching Horror of Dracula.

What hath Jon Stewart wrought?

In a recent post, Robert Rackley riffs on an article by Jon Askonas at the New Atlantis arguing that Jon Stewart paved the way—however unintentionally—for Tucker Carlson. I haven’t yet read the piece (I will over the weekend) but I have to say that I agree with the premise. The Iraq War, the War on Terror, the Bush presidency generally were formative times for me. Voting for Bush in 2000 was the last time I voted for a Republican for president.

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Fall Break: Huber Orchard and bottling day

Rachel, Darcy, and I have been enjoying a week off from school and work. Mainly we’ve been getting a lot of work done—cleaning out the garage and basement, prepping raised beds for next spring, setting up grow lights. We’ve also had some fun. On Sunday night, Rachel and I camped out for the third consecutive week at Hardin Ridge. On Tuesday we made our annual trip to Huber Orchard and Winery to pick a pumpkin for carving.

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