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Rhyd Wildermuth:

A garden is a gathering of spirits, of old friends and new, of allies and companions. They are great, thronging crowds of voices whispering, cajoling, and summoning you to the life you summon for them. And when you leave a garden, they come with you, long trains of spirits singing and laughing as you lead them across the earth to their new home.

How about some garden pictures?

Kitchen garden (other vegetables and herbs are spread throughout our backyard):

Auto-generated description: A vibrant vegetable garden is filled with various leafy greens and other plants in raised beds next to a fenced area.

Mountain mint about to bloom:

Auto-generated description: A lush plant with light green leaves and small budding flowers is bathed in sunlight.

Concord grapes:

Auto-generated description: A cluster of green grapes is hanging from a vine with large leaves, supported by a wooden structure in an outdoor setting near a building.


Auto-generated description: A head of broccoli is growing in the midst of its large green leaves.


Auto-generated description: A vibrant sunflower with large yellow petals and green leaves is growing in a garden in front of a wooden fence.

There are several sparrows dustbathing among the flowers and sitting in the shade of the grape arbor right now. This’ll do.

I updated my Sanity Project page. This page is the story of our garden, from 2020 onward. Today I updated the page from Fall 2022 to the end of this past winter. Also updated the “future plans” section.

My lovely wife Rachel made a video of our garden this morning. (Yours truly is the cameraman.) I hope she continues doing these. She knows more about what’s happening than I do and—let’s be honest—who wouldn’t rather listen to her talk instead of me?

The pileated woodpecker seems to be a regular at our feeders now. She has a distinctive, sharp call as she flies into the yard. Also, we do believe she is a “she”, because she does not appear to have the red cheek stripe that males have.